The Princess’s Bedroom

There comes a time in a man’s life where he has to do something really “girlie.”  Now, I am very secure in my masculinity so I was not afraid to tackle an very pink princess bedroom redecorating project for my youngest daughter.  Here are some photos of that project.

IMG_6467The previous decor of the room was stripes.  Here, we have begun to patch the walls and prep for paint.

IMG_6475Oh, yeah…that is definitely pink!

IMG_6485What Princess’s room would be complete without a custom made (by me, her loving father) castle themed storage unit?

IMG_6486The devil is always in the details…such as a pink stone faux paint job on the castle storage unit.

IMG_6498Did I mention there was a lot of pink?

IMG_6494Of course, there must be a pink carriage wall decal!

IMG_6495Pictures of her favorite princesses on custom painted frames, and a crystal chandelier with flame flicker bulbs complete then ensemble.

Now, get me out of here!

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